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Pomelo and Mooncake on Mid-Autumn Festival

It’s that time of the year again: when the International Office celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival by giving away free snacks. The snacks included pomelos and mooncakes, which are foods traditionally eaten during the festival. The activity drew over 200 students, including foreign students, overseas Chinese and Mainland Chinese students.

This year, the 10th floor of the Ching Sheng Memorial Building, which is where the activity is held, also featured posters with the story of how Mid-Autumn Festival came about.

Zhou Long-liang, an overseas Chinese student from Malaysia, commented: “This is my first time taking part in this kind of event and it’s really a lot of fun.” He said that rituals for Mid-Autumn Festival in Taiwan are really different to those of Malaysia. “In Taiwan, you not only get to eat mooncakes, but also eat pomelos and wear pomelo peel on your head like a green helmet.” For third year International student, Jorciley, this was the second time taking part in the event. He said “I now finally know the origin of Mid-Autumn Festival. Now my Chinese has improved a bit, so I have a deeper understanding of the history and rituals of the festival.”

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