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Warm-hearted Tamkangians Tell Story of Houtong

A professional service learning curriculum offered by Center for General Education and Core Curriculum, “Exploring Dance as Nonverbal Communication Through Environment” collaborated with “The Art and Practice on Music Cooperation” a course offered by Stanley Wang D-School @NTU, and Houtong Miner’s Culture and History Exhibition to present the life stories shared by old miners through dance and music production. The performance named “Flashback” (返照) was presented twice. The premiere of the performance was at Carrie Chang Music Hall on December 3. Dean of Office of Academic Affairs Tzong-Ru Tsai, Director of Center for General Education and Core Curriculum Chia-Jwu Tai, Executive of Tamsui District Arthur Tsung-Jen Wu, Executive of Pingxi District Fan-Sheng Zeng, President Zheng-Fu Lin and founder Chao-Nan Zhou of Houtong Miner’s Culture and Literature Exhibition, Chief Secretary of Youth Department, New Taipei City Government, Qi-Rui Jiang and numerous members of Houtong Miner’s Culture and History Association watched the performance.

“Flashback” includes performances of 5 group of students: Group 1,“Dig on the Way”(在路上挖) interprets a day of a miner with a dance matched with hip-hop music, presenting the distinctiveness and danger of miners; Group 2, “Moment in the Past”(過往雲煙), beginning with a documentary of miner’s life as prologue, truthfully presents the life and state of mind of miners with dance; Group 3, “Border•Line – Work Hard• Safety First”(邊•線 – 努力生產•安全第一), with warning signs as title, is a dance in the real mining sound expressing the mood of miners hovering between life and death; Group 4, “Spirit• Separation and Union”(魂•離合) consists of 5 dances, realizing the true meaning and value of life through the interaction with spirit after entering Houtong from the city; Group 5, “Dig•Decide”(掘•抉), where the assistant professor of Center for General Education and Core Curriculum and the instructor of “Exploring Dance as Nonverbal Communication Through Environment”, Wen-Chi Wu acted as the leading role, completely reveals the transition of mood of miners from looking for answers in the mood of misery, confusion and oppression, continuous brush with death, to the eventual attainment of beautiful life.


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