Campus focus 2023-01-05

ELECT Dean of Academic Affairs Meeting Held in TKU with the Addition of THU

The Meeting of Dean of Academic Affairs of the 1st semester of 2022-2023 academic year of Excellent Long-Established University Consortium of Taiwan (ELECT) was held on December 27th at Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Center on Tamsui campus, presided over by TKU Dean of Academic Affairs, Tzong-Ru Tsai. TKU Vice President of Administrative Affairs Chun-Hung Lin, deans of academic affairs and relevant colleagues from partner schools for more than 30 people were at present. Including Tunghai University (THU), which joined this academic year, there are currently 13 partner schools in the consortium.

"You wouldn't know how much work the Dean of Academic Affairs has to do unless you have been to the Office of Academic Affairs, especially in the past 2 years with the impact of the pandemic,” Chun-Hung Lin, the former Dean of Academic Affairs, commented on the heavy workload of the Dean of Academic Affairs during his speech. He thanked the partner schools for their assistance during his tenure as Dean of Academic Affairs and also hoped that through cooperation and healthy competition, all schools could improve their teaching and administrative quality and provide better services to teachers and students. Wen-hui Cui (崔文慧), Executive Director of the Consortium Coordination Center, said that the pandemic was a great test for administrative units in all schools, and the challenge of declining birthrates in the future will require each school deepen and more practical cooperation under limited resources, to highlight the characteristics of each school, and attract students to study at partner schools in the alliance.

During the meeting, each responsible schools reported on the progress of various academic cooperation matters such as the "Overseas Educational Qualification Verification Information Sharing Platform," the "MOOC Platform," "Inter-school Course Selection," "Joint Summer Courses," "Domestic Exchange Students," "Cross-School and Multidisciplinary Learning Activities," "Cross-School Double Major and Minor Programs," "Chinese Language Teaching Resource Sharing," and "Distance Education Development." The meeting also passed the proposal of ELECT unified opening day of 2023-2024 academic year, revised parts of the "ELECT Cross-School Double Major and Minor Cooperation Agreement," and the "Amended ELECT Domestic Exchange Student Cooperation Agreement." In regards to the ELECT unified opening day of 2023-2024 academic year proposal, it was agreed that, unless there are special considerations, the opening day for all schools will be September 11, 2023 and February 19, 2024. Considering factors such as innovative courses and flexible learning, it was proposed to adopt a "16+2" implementation plan for each term and to report it to the ELECT President Meeting for discussion. In the ad-hoc motion, Chung Yuan Christian University proposed the topic of "strengthening the promotion of the brand awareness for high school students in ELECT." Discussion ensued, and Wen-hui Cui suggested that schools can enhance brand awareness through various promotional activities, strengthened cooperation with high schools, and "participatory learning" through on-campus experiential courses, allowing high school students to increase their understanding of universities and enhance their intention to enroll.


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