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“Chasing the Light” Introduce Tamkang University to High School Students

On the afternoon of March 4, the Office of Academic Affairs held the “Chasing the Light – 2023 Tamkang University Department Expo” at the Hsu Shou-Chlien International Conference Center. Nearly 1,500 students, teachers, and parents participated. Tamkang’s 41 departments of 8 colleges spared no effort in presenting information on their features, curriculum, and future development. The event not only allowed first and second-year high school students to explore their interests and future development directions, but also deepened the impressions of third-year students and increased their willingness to enroll in the university.

The opening ceremony of the expo was held in the Chang Yeo Lan International Conference Hall. The Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Hui-Huang Hsu firstly introduced the history, characteristics, and development of the university, emphasizing that as a long-standing academic institution, Tamkang will continue to strive for excellence and surpass itself. He also emphasized the increasing need for interdisciplinary talents in recent social development, and how various departments of the university have been encouraging students to learn across different fields to create more advantages for future employment. The deans of each college then introduced the characteristics of their respective colleges and departments, and welcomed everyone to interact at their respective department booths to enhance mutual understanding.

The booths of each department were arranged on different floors of the conference center and the Tongzhou Square, creating a bustling carnival atmosphere. Students and parents could be seen constantly shuttling back and forth, enthusiastically interacting with faculty and students from various departments. The Department of Artificial Intelligence and the Department of Education and Futures Design continued to receive a lot of attention from students and parents, with a constant stream of inquiries. Other departments also put in a lot of effort, with students from the Department of Russia and Department of Japanese specially dressed in traditional costumes to attract many students to take pictures and learn more about related information.

The newly established “Dean’s Lecture” and “International Office Zone” of this academic year are also very impressive. Many students went to listen to Dean Tzung-Ru Tsai’s explanation of “Flexible Education System” to enhance their understanding of diverse learning. The Office of International Affairs also arranged many overseas students to participate in CHAT CORNER, where high school students can communicate in different languages, and many students were eager to participate. In order to help high school students understand the campus environment of Tamkang University better, campus tours were also specially arranged. Tour guides led students to visit the campus and provided simple explanations of the relevant learning environment and equipment. The tour guides fluently introduced various teaching buildings, the University Commons, Maritime Museum, Chueh Sheng Memorial Library, and other places, while students listened and took pictures with their phones to deepen their impressions.

Many students and parents came from all over the country for this event. Lai, a senior high school student, thought that the booth staff explained things very clearly and enthusiastically provided information about learning and career planning. They even generously shared their experience of applying to Tamkang University. Mr. Kuo, a parent, said that the expo allowed him to have a better understanding of Tamkang University. “It let me and my child know more about the departments and break away from the traditional framework of science and engineering.” His child also expressed a great interest in the Department of Education and Futures Design and will actively consider applying for the second-phase interview.


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