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May is a month full of energetic atmosphere, and it is also a good time for athletic performance. 2007 National Intercollegiate Athletic Game (NIAG), hosted by National College of Physical Education and Sports, will be held from May 4 to 8. Nine school teams of TKU will participate in the contest, winning glory for school. Dr. Flora C.I. Chang, President of TKU, in the ceremony last Wednesday (April 25), bestowed the school flag at Shao-mo Memorial Gymnasium and boosted the morale of the school teams.

To encourage the team members, President Chang pointed out that according to a questionnaire survey of Cheer Magazine, “Taiwan’s 1,000 businesses regarding their favorite college graduates,” TKU students have won high social recognition in three indicators—Team Spirit, Stability and Stamina, and Willing to Learn. President Chang said, “Isn’t that who can win the game if he or she has the highest stability under huge pressure during the contest?” After the flag-bestowing ceremony, Hsieh Hsing-chu, Director of Office of Physical Education, waved the blue school flag, cried excitedly “Go, go, go, TKU!” Hsieh reminded that, “The players should face the game with ordinary attitude. The spirit of solidarity is the most important thing.”

There are 11 kinds of sport contests in 2007 NIAG, such as track and field, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, and golf. TKU school teams will join in all the sport competitions except archery and knur. Although the period of NIAG this year is very close to the mid-term exam, the players still try to find time practicing. Our school swimming team broke the record of 400 meter medley relay of Section B in 2006 NIAG, though unfortunately, Wei Shih-hung (junior, Dept. of Chemical and Materials Engineering), the captain of TKU swimming team, did not win the first three place last year. Wei said, “I hope I can not only make a breakthrough in the individual contest this year, but also lead my team members to defeat other strong competitors, maintaining the good record of 400 meter medley relay.”

TKU Taekwondo Team has good performance in all kinds of related contests. Hung Chun-peng, the captain of TKU Taekwondo Team, said jokingly, “Safety first!” Hung has just gotten the third place in the individual contest of Fu Jen Cup this March. He indicated that there is more chance to win this year since he has higher skill than that last year. Hence, he will try his best to get the prize this time. In addition, Taekwondo group contest will also be held around mid-May. Last year, TKU won the first prize, and all the people are looking forward to see great performance this year.

Although old stagers have more knacks for winning the game, there are many new faces representing TKU to participate in 2007 NIAG. For instance, a new member of the swimming team, Lin Chi-mei (freshman, Dept. of Information Management) will join in butterfly contest to compete with players from other schools. The tennis team will also field Wang Hsiao-tsu (freshman, Dept. of Physics) for the competition, who just reached quarterfinal of the Orient Watch Cup Intercollegiate Tennis Contest. Chuang Chich-hsiang (freshman, Dept. of Information Management), who graduated from Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School and was recommended for admission to TKU for his outstanding physical performance, will represent our school to join the track and field contest. He expressed that he is trying his best to relax his muscles recently in order to run as fast as possible in the contest of 110-meter hurdles. ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

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