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As a long summer awaits at the end of June, have you thought about how you want to spent that time? Why not join some cool summer programs offered by well-established universities around the globe? For details, you can visit the “2007 Studying Abroad Exhibition and 4th Global Village Fair” organized jointly by the Division of Continuing Education (DCE) and the Student Association of Business Management between May 14 and !7 from 10 am to 6 pm. You’re welcome to drop by at the Exhibition Hall of the Business & Management Building anytime during this period.

You are also invited to its opening ceremony on May 14 at noon when Ms. Lin Jia Lun, a Middle Eastern style belly dancer will welcome you with her sensual swaying. Following that, TKU international students who won a karaoke singing contest earlier will entertain you with their delightful songs.

After all the fanfare, you can walk in the hall to browse through the materials presented by several leading travel agencies and related institutes regarding short-term studying abroad programs, low-budget traveling, backpacking, and short-term work opportunities as farm hands, interns or volunteers. Every afternoon at four during the exhibition, there will be a presentation on different topics that address issues such as how to work and play when traveling abroad, how to watch you pennies when on a summer program, or how to travel around the world with low cost means of transportation. The aim of the fair and exhibition, according to Mr. Chou Hsing-hua, the Director of the In-Service Education Center, is to provide students with a taste of foreign travel and culture so that they will want to explore the world to enrich their life experiences.

The DCE will show DVD clips and photographs that captured the lives of those students who took part in their overseas summer programs over the years. On selected days, there will be presentations organized to explain further details on these programs and registrations are accepted on the spot. Furthermore, students who fill out a short survey can participate in a lucky draw which promises a top prize that is worth NT$ 24,000 of travel expenses. Other prizes include low-budget travel guide books and souvenirs from foreign countries. However, the real big prize will be available on the last day of the fair when the draw includes a Wii! So don’t miss it. Call 02 2321-6320, ext. 51-54 or 38 or log on to for information. ( ~Ying-hsueh Hu )

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