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Dr. Hong Ching-mao, an accomplished NASA engineer, was invited to Taiwan by NSC’s “Elite Project,” and delivered a speech at E830, TKU, last Wednesday (May 9), during which he shared his 30 years of knowledgeable experience with students of Department of Aerospace Engineering.

Dr. Hong Ching-mao is well-versed in Fluid Dynamics. He has won NASA’s Great Achievement Award, and is listed in “Who’s Who, American Hall of Fame.” Dr. Hong will stay in Taiwan for about one month. In addition to participating in the researches in National Space Organization, he is invited to give lectures in National Cheng Kung University, National Tsing Hua University, Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology, and Tamkang University.

Dr. Wang Yi-ren, Chair of Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, explained that the subject of Dr. Hong’s lecture is to introduce the research environment of NASA as well as the latest trends. The former chair, Dr. Chen Ching-hsiang, had a pleasant and long chat with Dr. Hong, his former colleague. Dr. Hong was impressed by the beautiful campus and the height of the building.

In his speech, Dr. Hong pointed out that since the market of Aerospace industry in Taiwan is small, the development of Aerospace engineering depends on governmental supports. He believed that it is a worthwhile investment, for the advancement of Aerospace engineering will initiate the development of other industries. The characteristics of aerospace industry are magnitude of investment and long payback period. Hence, without long-term financial supports, the aerospace industry can not be sustained. Dr. Hong also encouraged students to nurture independent thinking, and to expand the scope of learning by adsorbing various fields of knowledge.

Lee Po-hsun, first year master graduate of Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, remarks that Dr. Hong’s speech is very helpful. And Lee anticipates similar kind of lectures in the future. And he wishes for government’s sustaining support of aerospace industry, an expensive technology, but also a foundation for advanced technology. ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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