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For the 2007 academic year, there are many administrative position changes. Dr. Tai Wan-ching will take charge of the newly established position of Vice President for International Affairs. Dr. Feng Chao-kang hands over the position of Vice President for Academic Affairs to Dr. Chen Kan-nan. Both Dr. Tai and Dr. Chen are TKU alumni and have served in the alma mater for a very long time. The two new positions start from August 1.

On the handing-over ceremony, Dr. C. I. Chang, who continues to be TKU Presidency, pointed out the stage missions of improvement and development for the 9th presidency, and propelled every TKU administrative division to set up prospective goals. Presently TKU has close relationship with 97 sister universities. The position of the Vice President for International Affairs is established to promote the mission of internationalization.

Vice President for International Affairs, Dr. Tai Wan-ching got his Ph.D. from the Graduate Institute of American Studies, TKU, and teaches at that institute. He is the Dean of College of International Studies, and used to be the chair of Graduate Institute of American Studies, and of Graduate Institute of Russian & Slavic Studies. Dr. Tai’s specialties are American Political System, Russian History, and Theory of International Relations.

Dr. Feng Chao-kang, who stepped down from his 9-year services as vice president, will go to Waseda University as exchange professor for one year. The new Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Chen Kan-nan, was graduated from TKU, and got his Ph.D. from University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Chen has served as Dean of College of Science, and Dean of Office of Research and Development. Dr. Chen is specialized in functional polymers of aqueous-based resin and radiation-curable polymers for flame retardation, anti-corrosion, metallic ion extraction, and textile treatments.

Other position changes for first grade administrator include Hsu Ting-chi (Secretary-General), Kang Shung-wen (Dean of Office of Research and Development), Chen Hai-ming (Director of Personnel Office), Hsueh Wen-fa (Director of Office of Alumni Service and Resources Development).

The newly established offices include Office of Vice President for International Affairs, Executive Master’s Program of Business Administration, Professional Licence Training Center (Division of Continuing Education), Lanyang Campus Division (Military Training Dep.), Center for the Research of Energy and Optoeletric Materials (Office of Research and Development). ( ~Chen Chi-szu )

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