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TKU launches the program of “3 plus 2” double degrees! Dr. Hai-Lung Dai and others of Temple University, USA, visited TKU to certify the DBMD plan of “3 plus 2” double degrees--after completing the 3 years of programs in TKU, and 2 years in Temple University, the participants will obtain a bachelor degrees from TKU and a master degree from Temple University. Hence, Temple University will become TKU’s 101st sister university.

The range of the double degree program associated with sister universities used to be confined to the master degrees. Temple University will treat the students of both universities equally, permitting the recommended junior students of TKU to study their Master Degree Program. Vice President for International Affairs, Dr. Tai Wan-chin asserts that this case not only makes students have opportunities of going abroad but also let them complete the bachelor degree of TKU and the master degree of Temple University. It is a more advanced program than the junior exchange program, in which the participant only get a bachelor degree of TKU.

Temple University, set up in 1884 by Dr. Russel Conwell, is a public comprehensive university. There are about 34,000 students in Temple University, distributing over eight campuses. This university provides 300 degree programs, including 125 bachelor programs, 113 graduate school programs, and 52 PhD Programs. Dr. Hai-Lung Dai’s visit aimed to elaborate the details of cooperation and to encourage students to study abroad for double degrees. The program briefing attracted 60 students.

The applicant of this program has to be qualified with the grade of TOEFL above 550, and the bachelor academic grade above GPA3.0; those who applies for the field related to business administration must be qualified with the grade of GMAT above 500. Many students questioned the necessity of the English ability certification. Dr. Hai-Lung Dai replied that even though many American local students’ English is not so good, a certified English ability will guarantee the abroad student a smooth communication with people for his/her learning and living in the university; besides, in the highly globalized academic environment, a fluent language proficiency is the first and foremost condition for the student to be able to channeled to the global resources.

The juniors and seniors who are interested in this program are suggested to prepare the related certifications before April 15th to one’s department for evaluation, and once they are recommended, their applications will be summated to Office of International Exchanges and International Education (FL501). ( ~Wu Shu-ting )

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