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The campus is full of azaleas! It is the time for blossoming. Each corner of Tamkang and Lanyang campuses are full of azaleas. There are many people viewing these flowers and taking pictures. Teachers and students feel amazed for this view. The blossoming scenery deems Tamkang University as the “Shangrila.”

The various azaleas blooms attract many bees and butterflies, which mark the coming of spring. Chen Wan-lin, senior of Department of Information Management said, “When I walk in the Tamkang campus among the blooms, my mood becomes comfortable. The birdsong is around me. All of these let me feel very relaxed just like walking in the park.” Kao Jin-han, freshman of Department of Global Politics and Economics said, “I rarely walk to the platform of the dormitory in Lanyang campus, but now it is full of bloomy flowers here. So, I take a walk here almost everyday.” Pao Cheng-hao, assistant of the Department of Global Politics and Economics, remarks on the good geographical environment of Lanyang campus that “When I enjoy the beautiful flowers in the veranda, I smell an European air.” The Lin couple came from Taipei to visit the Lanyang campus and indicated that they feel very pleasurable when they saw the beautiful buildings among the blooming azaleas. They praised that “This is a sky garden, which is suitable for students to study.”

Besides, on last December a “Mei Yuan” (plum garden) was completed in the Lanyang campus. It affords students a graceful resort in the chilly winter. There will be many different plants planted in the campus in the future, which would create place for ecological observation as well as a pleasant research environment. ( ~Jaime Liu )

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