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A total of 13 student clubs of Tamkang University had taken the opportunity of summer vacation to hold 14 summer camps around the nation to spread their love and care to the children in the remote areas. Dr. Flora Chia-i Chang, President of Tamkang University held a flag presentation to serve as an acknowledgement of their contribution

Tamkang Recreational Activity Counseling Club held two “green summer camps” respectively at Tian Sheng Elementary School In Tamsui township, Taipei County, and at Syue Jin Elementary School of Wu Jie Village, Yilan County during summer. The green camps are aimed to inform young students with useful knowledge about environmental protection. The convener of the camp in Tian Sheng Elementary school, Huang Chieh-wei, a junior in the Department of Statistics, said all of his club mates have dedicated fully in making the camp a success. “It worth every effort when we receive a thank you card at the end of the event,” Huang said.

Piano Playing Club brought beautiful melodies for the sick children in the Taipei Veterans General Hospital. Aside from performing piano and teaching these children how to play the musical instruments, the club members also made DIY handmade fans for them just to see these children smile. “Some of the children are really sick or seriously wounded,” said Yang Tzu-hsuan, sophomore in the Department of Civil Engineering, “I am really happy to see them happy.”

Meanwhile, Tamkang Lu-La-La joined hands with Lianhua Temple at Taipei County Sanjhih Township to hold a 3-day-2-night Buddhism Summer Camp. The courses provided in the camp include Buddhist etiquette, the practice of meditation, and Morning and Evening Services. Even more interestingly, each of the student counselors of the camp are named according to the characters in the famous Chinese story “Journey to the West,” such as Sun Wu Kong or Monkey King, Princess Iron Fan and Cow King. In the conclusion of the camp, one of the counselor Pai Yu-shan, a senior in the Department of Business Administration, said she had received calls from the participants of the camp. “I have learned a lot during the camp especially with the immersion in Buddism,”said Pai, adding that she wishes to hold such camp next year. ( ~Yeh Yun-kai )

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