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An exhibition entitled “Life On Earth:Chen Ying-zhen” that showcase the works and photographs about Chen Ying-zhen, a preeminent Taiwanese writer, was held at the Black Swan Exhibition Hall on Tamsui Campus last week, attracting hundreds visitors to pay a visit to learn about the story about Chen, one of the greatest novelists in Taiwan.

Chen Ying-zhen, 73-year-old, a graduate of Tamkang’s Foreign Language Department, is famous for his humanitarian concerns and important moral dimensions in his short stories and novels during the age of Martial Law, according to Dr. Lu Cheng-hui of Department of Chinese, who gave a lecture on Chen at October 7.

The manuscripts of Chen’s debut story “The Noodle Stand,” and the novel “A Race of Generals” which was banned upon publication, were also displayed in the exhibition.

Liu Chao-en, a first year MA student in the Department of Chinese, said that he has learned a great deal about the writer thanks to Dr. Lu’s speech. “I can now better understand why Chen would write such works at a disputed age.” Chen Chia-i, a freshman in the Department of Business Management said, before coming to the exhibition, she only knew that Chen is a native writer, but now she learned a lot about the story behind Chen’s works and how and why he wrote them, which is very meaningful. ( ~Yeh Yun-kai )

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