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Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences(JEMLS), edited by Dept. of Information and Library Science, and International Journal of Information and Management Sciences (IJIMS), edited by Dept. of Management Sciences and Decision Making & Graduate Institute of Management Sciences, are included in Taiwan Social Science Citation Index (TSSCI) by National Science Council this year.

It is the first time for JEMLS to be included in TSSCI, and it is also the only journal of library science to be included in TSSCI. JEMLS is one of the few journals that witness the development of academic journals in Taiwan. After five-year hardworking, it finally wins approval from National Science Council. Dr. Lin Sinn-cheng, Chair of Dept. of Information and Library Science, indicated that through the effort of all the editors-in-chief, editor com`mittee members, and paper contributors, JEMLS eventually earned this glory after being established for nearly 40 years. He hoped that they could keep improving the journal and provide greater help to academic field in the future.

IJIMS has been included in TSSCI for concessive two years. Among more than 50 management journals in Taiwan, IJIMS is the only one published by a department of a private university. Dr. Liao Shu-hsien, Chair of Graduate Institute of Management Sciences and Executive Editor in Chief of IJIMS, pointed out that IJIMS is included in TSSCI again represents that their fruitful results have gained positive feedback. In the future, they will advertise the journal to the scholars worldwide and call for papers from them to broaden its international vision and to raise the status of IJIMS in academic field so that one day it can be included in Science Citation Index (SCI). ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

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