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A seminar and workshop on global warming, organized by Tamkang University Executive MBA (EMBA) programs, was held at the Taipei Campus D221, D324 classrooms on October 31, attracting more than 200 participants and media attention to cover the story. “2009 Conference on Enterprises’ Management Strategy against the Threat of Global Warming,” said TKU President Dr. Flora C.I. Chang. “Hopefully, with the holding of the seminar we can inspire more students and scholars to pay attention to the teaching of such issue in the future.”

During the seminar, Namchow Group Chairman Alfred Fei-Lung Chen gave a speech on how global climate changes affect the agricultural products. Chen noted that because global climate changes have such a deep impact to the farm product raw material, it is very important to increase value-added services and to attract more customers.

Lin Hur-lon, President of Green Energy Technology Inc., delivered a speech on solar power industry and silicon materials, in which he gives an overview to the future of solar power industry. Meanwhile, Dr. Sohail Inayatallah, a famous political scientist, held a workshop with teachers and students of the EMBA programs. Yang Chun-pei, a student of the EMBA programs, said that she had learned a lot with the lectures and workshops. “It gave me a better understanding of global warming,” she said. ( ~Yeh Yun-kai )

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