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Led by University Affairs Committee Chair De-wen Chen, a delegation of 6 from Jilin University visited TKU on Nov. 10. President Flora C.I. Chang, International Affairs Vice President Wan-chin Tai and the Graduate Institute of China Studies Chair Wu-ueh Chang jointly received the delegation and had a bulletin-briefing at the Ching-sheng International Conference Hall. They discussed issues related to curricula for exchange students and the numbers of future exchange students.

Jilin University began academic exchanges with TKU in 2001 and sent exchange students to TKU in 2008. So far 11 exchange students have studied at TKU. De-wen Chen said that in the last two years the two universities had interacted closely and conducted many academic activities. He hoped to have more academic exchanges in the future. President Chang expressed that Jilin University had a high prestigious reputation in the Mainland and its size and hardware equipment were second to none. The exchange this time was just the beginning of a new page. She hoped to broaden exchange curricula and cooperate in academic areas related to both sides across the Straight.

At the symposium, issues of increasing the numbers of exchange students and the curricula of China studies were discussed. Vice President Wan-chin Tai said that region studies were TKU’s unique characteristics, so there would be more joint faculty seminars in this area. As for exchange students, TKU would open more colleges and departments for them to choose. The Director of Jilin University’s Office of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Affairs De-bin Liu said that TKU’s courses that were completely taught in English were worth learning. Jilin University would consider sending students to study at TKU’s Lanyang Campus. In addition, he had heard that TKU was remarkable in China studies, so he hoped that TKU would send professors in this field to Jilin for short-term lectures.

Chinese master freshman exchange student Da-ping Sun thanked the Graduate Institute of China Studies and the Office of International Exchanges and International Education for their assistance. When she first arrived at TKU, she immediately felt the rich touch of humanity and the completely different study styles and administrative management. The most unique experience for her was that she had learned the cultures of indigenous peoples in Taiwan. ( ~Dean X. Wang )

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