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To help students obtain basic academic abilities to meet serious employment challenges after graduation, the Office of Academic Affairs plans to combine all academic, general education, and inter-disciplinary curricula by all departments, centers and institutes to develop a TKU Overall Curricula Map Information System that will hopefully be completed by the end of this academic year. The Dean of Academic Affairs Huan-chao Keh stated that when the e-System is completed, students can estimate their academic abilities according to the results of their studies through it. Through the e-System, they can also prepare to accumulate their competitiveness for their future planning. In accordance with the outstanding teaching plan, striving for the student basic capability target, the TKU General Education Committee set up the Overall Student Basic Capability Target in 2008. According to their capacities, all departments and institutes had set up their Basic Capability Targets in 2007. To guarantee the qualities of teaching and learning, after having carefully examined all those Capability Targets, the relationships between curriculum designs and teaching contents, methodologies and evaluations, the Office of Academic Affairs has planned to establish a “Basic Capability Radar Map System,” an examining system with all courses installed. Students can select their courses according to their personal and career planning. If they key in all their selected courses, they can know the accumulated basic capability that is quantified and shown with a radar map according to which they can judge if that will meet their expectations and where the successful ratio is for them.

Huan-chao Keh expressed that the Radar Map System serves as guidance for future planning and employment. At present, employment needs academic knowledge, but general ability is also important. Except establishing Academic Radar Maps for departments and institutes, TKU’s 14 core curricula will also set up General Education Radar Maps. With the guidance of the System, comparing the two kinds of Radar Maps, students can plan their course selections from the very beginning of their freshman year. This will be greatly helpful for students to enhance their competitiveness.

In addition, according to students’ career planning and development after graduation, every department will also form course selection models for students to choose. Thus students can plan for their future careers as early as possible according to the curriculum radar maps. Curriculum Section Chief Hsiu-huang Su Hsu indicated that the Basic Capability Radar Map System can help students accurately understand if the results of their course selections can reach their basic capability targets, so it helps them to plan their course selections. Chinese junior Wan-hsuan Chen said, “With the Radar Map System, I can have a clear concept of the courses I will select and understand my own ability better in future career planning, so I highly look forward to the day of its completion!” ( ~Dean X. Wang )

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