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The traditional TKU Orchid Show was on at the Black Swan Exhibition Hall from Nov. 7 to 10. Patterning international orchid exhibition style, on behalf of TKU Founder Clement C.P. Chang, the Orchid Show issued award medals to winning orchids. On the spot, many kinds of orchids were striving to compete with one another with their amazing beauties. The most attractive ones were the Slipper Orchid that won the TKU Board Chair’s Award and the Kidney Drug Orchid that won the President’s Award. All visitors spontaneously cried out, “How beautiful!”

The tides of visitors included faculty, staff and students as well as orchid lovers having heard the reputation of the TKU Annual Orchid Show. President Flora C.I. Chang remarked that the Annual Orchid Show is TKU’s tradition. Various novel kinds of orchids were brought to the Show this year, and their shapes were unique but multiple, symbolizing modern society’s various trades and occupations with many creative changes and forms. She hoped that TKU faculty, staff and students would appreciate the beauties of orchids and raise their interest in cultivating orchids. TKU alumnus Hui-ling Wang praised that the Orchid Show this year had many unique kinds that were really very special. ( ~Dean X. Wang )

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