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The awarding ceremony of 2009 Creativity Competition, held by TKU’s Innovative Center for Cultural and Creative Industries (ICCCI), took place at V101 on Nov. 26. Apart from President Flora Chia-I Chang and President of Hubei University Dr. Zhou Ji-ming’s passionate participation, the host Chou Chia-tsen, the alumnus of Dept. of Mass Communication, brought the ceremony to life with her witty speech. Lin Tai-chun, a third-year master student of Dept. of Educational Technology, got the first place in the section of “Happy 60th Anniversary to TKU” out of more than 100 competitors and got ten thousand NTD awards. Lu Ssu-yu, a senior of Dept. of Physics, defeated seven groups in the section of “Good Idea,” winning the first prize and 3,000 NTD awards.

Lin’s creativity of his work comes from the ideas of LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability). He wants to invite the teachers, students and alumni of four TKU campuses to do hola hoops in the shape of the bronze sculpture of the five tigers in front of the Shao-mo Memorial Gymnasium. Lin indicated that his proposal not only shows Tamkangians’ spirit of “Hu Hu Shen Fong” (meaning “vitality”), but also responses to the idea of keeping exercise regularly, promoted by Office of Physical Education. This activity encourages everyone to place importance on health, and live long and prosper with TKU!

As for Lu, he designed a streetlamp-like pen with the LED light so that people can write at night or in the dark place without any problems. Lu said that this creative thought is derived from his daily life. One time when he was waiting for the traffic light, he raised his head and saw the streetlamp. Suddenly, he got the inspiration to combine pen and streetlamp into a streetlamp-like pen, which can help people study even in the dark place.

The second place of the section “Happy 60th Anniversary to TKU” was won by the sophomore students of Dept. of Information Management Lin Chiao-yun, Chiang Chi-ju, and Shen Chiu-yu with their work “Shout Your Love for TKU.” To celebrate TKU’s 60th birthday, they want to urge students to express their passion for their department and TKU by shouting out creative slogans, and hence unite the heart of each department and pass down the spirit of TKU.

The third prize of the same section went to Chou Jong-hsiu, a senior of Dept. of Civil Engineering. His work “Carnival to Celebrate TKU’s 60th Birthday” encourages every department, club, and administration unit to display their own features by carnival parade, so that the tourists can not only know more about TKU but also feel the joyful atmosphere of its 60th anniversary.

“In the competition this year, I was most impressed by the idea of Lee Hsin-i, a sophomore of Dept. of Information and Communication, whose work ‘Time Capsule’ is full of imagination that implies the meaning of ‘looking forward to the future from now, and looking back to the past from the future.’ Yet the pity is that someone has already thought of it before,” said Dr. Chiu Jeong-yeou, Dean, College of Liberal Arts.

Director of ICCCI Dr. Chao Ya-ly indicated that the works this year are more practical and lack of wild imagination. However, this is also a valuable characteristic because “a practical creativity is the best one.” The works of the prizewinners will be exhibited on the “creativity wall” on the third floor of Liberal Art Building, by which visitors can feel Tamkangians’ creative spirit. ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

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