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The Department of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering hosted the first Electro-Mechanical Engineering Week at the 3rd floor of the Main Engineering Building from last Tuesday to Friday (Dec. 1 to 4). Many things were there for faculty and students to try. Among all others, the Micro Flying Golden-Snitch attracted the most attention. It repeatedly crashed into the walls as students couldn’t control it properly, so the Golden-Snitch was “abused” out of the shape of a bird. All the students who had tried enjoyed it exaltedly.

President Flora C.I. Chang, Academic Vice President Kan-nan Chen and Administrative Vice President Po-yuan Kao as well as the Dean of Student Affairs Chih-en Ko and others came to the opening ceremony. The Department especially invited the Asia Motorcyclist Wizard Shuang-quan Chen to show his super motorcyclist skills. He did not only show his unique skill with only one wheel but also flew over a group of students lying on the ground. All girl students were happily scared with screaming.

The Electro-Mechanical Engineering Week had two areas: “The Dynamic Interactive Area” and “The Stationed Display Area.” In the Dynamic Interactive Area, some interesting games attracted many students, and the most popular one was the attractive Golden-Snitch. Although the Department gave operating demonstrations, it was not easy to grasp the knack of remote control. Very often, the Golden-Snitch flew to the direction out of the anticipation of the operator, so he/she was often caught off guard. Computer Science and Information Engineering sophomore Shi-jie Lin happily said, “I have tried airplane remote control, but it is the first time for me to try small bird remote control.” The Stationed Display Area presented research achievements in writing and video forms while showing the “Robot on the Rail” which could recognize and process images, the Intelligent Independent Robot” and the “Billiards Robot,” etc. Electro-Mechanical Engineering master sophomore Zhi-hao Ma expressed, “The robot innovation and improvement work keeps going all the time. If your design is good enough, it can easily make the robot dance well.” The Department of Electro-Mechanical Engineering also arranged many lectures such as simulation interviews, passing certificate tests, mechanical software applications and so on. The most typical was the peak forum on “Facing the CEO.” Electro-Mechanical Engineering junior Shi-qian Yang was interviewed by five CEOs at the same time. He said that facing such a test suddenly made him really nervous. Although he was anxious, he had obtained some rare experience from this precious lesson.”

The Electro-Mechanical Engineering Week completed with the election of Sunshine Electro-Mechanical Engineering Men at the closing ceremony last Friday, and three students won the titles with the highest votes. Electro-Mechanical Engineering junior Zhi-wei Liu who won the most votes happily thanked all participants and voters, saying that it was really good that so many students came and hoping that the Department would continue to hold such big activity in the future. The Department Chair Tzung-hang Lee expressed that with many activities, the Electro-Mechanical Engineering Week not only let people know his department better but also helped students learn many things by themselves. ( ~Dean X. Wang )

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