NO. 770


The Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center invited Canadian singer Mister Green and his No. 9 Highway Band to give a concert of new rock and roll and folk songs at Carrie Chang Music Hall. The Band’s heartily rocking and rolling attracted a lot of funs including many parents with their kids who had felt the enthusiasm of rock and roll. Seeing the packed crowd of audience, Mister Green was very happy. He greeted the audience with fluent and humorous Chinese that teasingly amused the entire audience with laughter.

The Concert started with “Be Alright,” “Sunny Afternoon” and several other enthusiastic songs which stimulated every cell of every audience. The atmosphere was excitedly high. In the middle of the concert, Mister Green sang the ballad song “Oh, My Darling Boy” while playing his guitar. Slightly closing his eyes, he deludingly sang the story between the father and the son. His singing magically carried the audience away. During the concert, the Band also bestowed their posters to the fans. Future Studies master freshman who luckily got an autographed poster expressed that she was a fan of rock and roll, and she especially appreciated Mister Green’s interpretation of the songs that made people high. If the concert hall were bigger, if it could have allowed the audience to interact with the Band members, the audience would have felt higher. ( ~Dean X. Wang )

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