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“Don’t follow me anymore!” The Building of Architecture resounded with screaming and begging voices. The 8th Haunted Archi-House, held by Dept. of Architecture at night on Dec. 11, ended thrillingly in the horrible atmosphere. This event is one of TKU’s features. It was not easy to get a ticket since there were only 570 tickets this year. Kuo Wen-yu, a junior of Dept. of International Trade, indicated that she stood in the line for 24 hours to purchase the ticket because she wanted to join this event since she was a freshman.

Although the event began at 7 p.m., many people had lined up outside the Building of Architecture since 3 p.m. The theme this year was western scary night. Five floors of the Building were divided into hospital, cinema, and prison areas. “There were many black and white screens. When you passed different screens, you would be scared by different ways. The friend with me even cried in the end,” Peng Tzu-wen, a junior of Dept. of Banking and Finance, said with lingering fear. Moreover, in the hospital area, there were ghost doctors giving electric shocks to the patients, which kept a lot of people screaming.

In addition, in the Night of Bands held on Dec. 9, beside the performance by the bands formed by the junior students of Dept. of Architecture, Dr. Wang Chun-hsiung, Associate Professor of Dept. of Architecture, and Dr. Sung Li-wen, Assistant Professor of Dept. of Architecture, also sang songs on the stage, bringing the climax to the night. The night market on Dec. 10 also attracted many students from other departments. Apart from the food, the night market also provided fun games for the visitors. You could even catch shrimps in it. Huang You-chih, a junior of Dept. of Insurance, said while eating the delicious fried shrimp that, “Though this night market was not big, there were many things in it. The most important of all, it was full of warm feeling.” ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

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