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To encourage students to create studying community, Student Learning and Support Section, Center for Learning and Teaching is offering a “Student Learning Community and Studying Group Subsidy Project” to subsidize students in forming studying Groups. The first 10 studying groups that completed their application procedure to the section will be given fund on printing fees and meal charge. Everyone who attends the group’s gathering will be given NT$ 40 subsidy each time. If one joins the online studying group gathering, he or she will be given NT$ 60 each time. Each studying group will be subsidized for no more than three times a month and for as long as no more than three months.

According to Student Learning and Support Section, such subsidy project was first launched in the second semester of 2009 academic year, in which there were 13 groups applying such a fund. This semester, to make the working of learning community more flexible, the section has added online studying group to the options and the reading materials are not limited to professional or academic ones.

A group is limited to six to eight participants and each group has to apply the subsidy every semester. All TKU students can file for application to join such a program. The topics for such group can be chosen according to the interests of its members. However, such topic should be able to improve the learning skills of each members in some way. Also, each studying group (online ones not included) should at least hold three gatherings every month. After each gathering, a record of the meeting should be e-mailed to the Student Learning and Support Section. Online reading group should also open a blog or an online discussion area, a place where its members can write his or her thoughts about each meeting, three times per month at least. For application, please log on to download application form. Or call TKU extension at 2160 for Ms. Liu. ( ~ Yeh Yun-kai )

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