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The Mid-Autumn Festival BBQ Party, held by Office of the Director of Lanyang Campus and Extracurricular Activities Guidance Section, Office of Student Affairs, took place at the plaza in front of the male dormitory, Lanyang Campus, at 6 p.m., Sept. 23. The hosts not only prepared food enough for 800 people, but also made a special order of 660 peach-shaped birthday buns to celebrate TKU’s 60ith anniversary. In addition, about 200 school club leaders from Tamsui Campus also came to join the party, making the night of Lanyang full of excitement and happiness.

The BBQ Party began with the opening address of Lanyang Campus Director Lin Jyh-horng. He congratulated on TKU’s 60ith anniversary and passed out the peach-shaped birthday buns to all the participants. Everyone was joyfully having moon cakes, peeling grapefruit, and enjoying the full moon at the barbeque, which not only gathered all the teachers and students, but also enhanced their relationship. Moreover, since this activity was held in the beginning of the semester, freshmen could also get acquaintance with their classmates and teachers.

Then, the cheerleading squad from Tamsui Campus brought the first performance for the party. Their excellent stunts of tossing and barrel roll stunned all the audience. Following right after the shows of Tamkang Recreational Activity Counseling Club, Magic Club, and Street Dance Club, Rock and Roll Club of Lanyang Campus brought the climax to the party. The songs performed by Guitar Club also intoxicated many people. Lin Wei-lun, a senior of Dept. of Innovative Information and Technology, indicated that inviting school clubs of Tamsui Campus to take part in the BBQ Party increased the communication between the two Campuses. He also said that the tower of peach-shaped birthday buns made the party very special.

Although it began drizzling in the middle of the party, it could not stop students’ enthusiasm. A sudden heavy rain and strong wind occurred when the singer Jeric Tan performed the last show, but the audience still did not leave and even sang loudly with the singer. Cheng Yu-hsun, a senior of Dept. of Tourism and Hospitality, hoped that a backup plan for raining day can be prepared next time so that the whole activity will not be influenced by weather condition. Huang Cheng-pang, a senior of Dept. of Global Politics and Economics, said that he just finished his junior abroad program, and he was really happy to have a barbeque with the teachers and classmates of Lanyang Campus shortly after he came back to Taiwan. ( ~Shu-chun Yen )

Figure: The cheerleading squad performed the breathtaking stunts like tossing and barrel roll.

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