NO. 803

Students Revel in Diamond Jubilee Festivities

On the evening of Nov. 5, the quadrangle in front of the Ching Sheng Memorial Hall exploded to life with flicking lasers, streaking LED lights, and tufts of fake mist that gently wafted upward. The medley of lights and sounds was part of the Diamond Jubilee “Lighting Display”, which was the first in a series of fun activities organized to celebrate the TKU 60th anniversary.

On the following day, the Tamsui Campus again buzzed with excitement, thanks largely to the annual TKU “Egg Roll” Festival. “Egg Roll” activities spread across the campus, with performances from a variety of TKU clubs and societies, a student singing contest, and live performances by singing sensations Katncandix2, Bii, Peter Pan, and William Wei. With each song, the euphoric cries of the crowd grew louder, and at the end of the show, balloons were released to symbolize limitless blessings for TKU’s next 60 years. Various stalls were set up, too, offering students a vast selection of games and contests from which to choose.

Statistics student, Chen Pin-wei, excitedly related that “in the past, when I’ve gone to school celebrations at other universities, I’ve been bored after just a few minutes. But I’ve been here all day and there are still so many fun and interesting activities to explore”. Fei Yu-rou, Department of Information and Communication student, praised TKU on its efforts in setting up such a comprehensive array of activities, and commented on how lucky she was to have been a part of TKU’s 60th anniversary.

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