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TKU Foreign Languages Week

The College of Foreign Language and Literature’s six language departments are this week set to hold their semesterly stage performances. Starting from the 2nd of May, students will be able to purchase tickets for the plays at a variety of designated locations around the Tamsui Campus.

The Department of German will hold the first of the plays, “Ist hier noch frei?”, on the 5th of May. The second play, “Classroom Massacre” will be held by the French Department and will depict the story of a classroom of students who are murdered by a psychotic teacher. The English Department will perform the play “The House of Usher”, which uses dark humor to portray the ups and downs of love. The Department of Spanish will perform the play “En la ardiente oscuridad”, and the Department of Japanese is scheduled to hold their performance on the 11th of May. The Department of Russian will hold their rendition of “Cinderella” on May 13.

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