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TKU’s Green Campus Policies Rewarded Two Years in a Row

This year, TKU again received the highest honor available to enterprises for implementing environmentally-friendly policies and practices: the Environmental Award for Taiwanese Enterprises. TKU became the first university in Taiwan to receive the award two years in a row.

On Monday November 5, the award was presented to the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, at an official ceremony held at the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Taipei City. She was accompanied by the TKU Dean of General Affairs, Dr. Shiaw Shyan Luo, and approximately 20 staff members from the Office of General Affairs. All TKU staff who attended the ceremony wore white long-sleeve shirts and orange vests, and when presented with the award, shouted: “quality first; infinite innovation; outstanding service; a favorite among Taiwanese businesses!”

Since 2003, when TKU adopted the ISO14001 environmental management system, it has consistently worked to plan, implement, and manage its green campus policies. An example is the “low carbon lunch box” scheme, in which TKU employees can order lunch from nearby food shops and receive their lunch in a steel (reusable) lunch box. The TKU Dean of General Affairs, Dr. Luo Hsiaw Hsyan, said that Tamkang will continue to improve its campus facilities and work to instill the message of sustainable development and environmental protection in its academic curriculum.

The award was presented by the Minister of the Environmental Protection Administration, Mr. Stephen Shu-hung Shen.

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