NO. 875

A Visit by the New President of the Technological University of Panama

On November 6, the newly-inducted President of the Technological University of Panama, Dr. Oscar Ramirez, visited the TKU Tamsui Campus. On arrival, he was taken on a tour of the campus, visiting the Chinese-palace style classrooms, the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, the TKU Maritime Museum, and the Chueh-Sheng Memorial Library. President Ramirez was impressed by the beauty of the campus and TKU’s modern multi-media facilities.

TKU then held an informal meeting in which senior Tamkang staff, including the university president, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, provided the visitors with a more detailed introduction to Tamkang University. During the meeting, President Ramirez expressed the highest praise for Tamkang’s buildings and facilities. He hopes that in the near future, the two universities may begin to carry out student and faculty exchange programs.