NO. 917

Tamkang University Will Begin Cooperating With Data Systems Consulting Co. Next Semester

【Reported by Qiao-ting Chao, Tamkang Times】On December 23rd Tamkang University held a meeting with Data Systems Consulting Co. to discuss details of promoting the “Student Cultivation Educational Program.” The meeting was lead by Vice President of Administration, Po-yuan Kao, Chairperson of Data Systems Consulting Co.,F.Y. Ku, and Dean of Academic Affairs, Huan-chao Keh. Po-yuan Kao expressed his gratitude to Data Systems Consulting for their cooperation in this project. He also stated that he looked forward to being able to develop an educational program that could cultivate the potential of the students. F.Y. Ku also expressed his gratitude for being able to promote their education program at TKU. He expressed, “I’m certain that our combined efforts will have a profound effect on student development.”

The first step of the project is to work together to implement basic professional career knowledge into the core curriculum of Tamkang University. Afterwards they will focus on research, technical services and market sales training. Organizer and designer of this educational program, Huan-chao Keh, stated, “The main idea of this project is to not only give students knowledge, but applicable skills and experience to ready them for their future career.”

The Data Systems Consulting Co.’s Enterprise Resource Planning is an informational software system that will help students prepare for their career in regards of marketing, technical services and skills, giving them job experience before they leave the classroom.