NO. 926

TKU Places in 2014 Cyber Young Lions Competition

【Reported by An-jia Chen, Tamkang Times】The results for the 2014 Cyber Young Lions’ Taiwanese Social Media Competition have been announced. A student organization from the Department of Information and Communication including Xin-jia Zhuang, Mei-fang Zhuang, Jian-yu Lin, and one student from the Department of Statistics, Da-yu Yang, were awarded 3rd place. Also TKU alumni from the Department of Information and Communication, Pei-Han Hsiuan, received first place in the professional division and will represent Taiwan in the Cyber Young Lions’ Competition in Cannes Lions, France.

The Cyber Lions Competition was first established in Holland in 1992 to promote and stimulate innovative ideas that utilize technology. It provides an opportunity for people under the age of thirty to showcase their concepts and ideas internationally. In the 2013 competition there were 1,100 participants from over 75 different countries. This is the first year to have student organizations participate and international innovator, Thomas Hong-tack Kim, was invited to be a judge in the preliminary portion of this competition. The participants had to create a comprehensive and complete social media product within 24 hours.

Tamkang University’s student organization from the Department of Information and Communication was awarded third place for the creation of the “Fuel Energy Application on Mobile.” They used Youtube, Facebook, and Google plus as a platform to display the daily use of oil globally. Second year students of the Department of Information and Communication, Xin-jia Zhuang and Mei-fang Zhuang expressed that winning this award was very surprising and really great for encouraging their studies. The students indicated that they were not completely satisfied with their results, but this award has motivated them even more to research their future in this field of work.

The other award winner was alumni of the Department of Statistics, Pei-Han Hsiuan. She used Youtube and Facebook as a platform for the creation of “Live Without Energy”. It was a short film with a person stranded inside of a glass room without energy for 7 days. It received great praise as she successfully made observers peer deeper into the potential problems involving energy resources. She pointed out that Taiwan could only survive without energy for a total of 30 days before it completely collapsed. Her product design can help raise awareness for contingency plans in case of an emergency, earning her first place and a chance to represent Taiwan in the competition in Cannes Lions.