NO. 934

Lanyang’s Shao-mo Memorial Activity Center is Open

【Reported by Hui-ping Liu, Xin-yu Wang, Xuan-yu Guo, Tamkang Times】After four years of developing and constructing the Shao-mo Memorial Activity Center, it was officially opened on the 26th of May. President Flora Chia-I Chang expressed, “Yilan is a rainy city and Lanyang needed a great indoors activity center. I look forward to installing more software programs for the center in addition to the great new hardware to improve English capabilities on campus. Chief Mayor of Jiaoxi, Xi-zhong Lin, stated, “Congratulations on the completion of this project. I look forward to having more opportunities to cooperate with Lanyang Campus in the near future.”

The event began with the Japanese Drum Team from Sanmin Elementary school lighting up the atmosphere. Tamkang University’s international team followed with a dance performance that captivated the audience even in the heavy rainy weather. President Chang also brought along Vice President of Academic Affairs, Gwo-hsing Yu, Dean of Student Affairs, Chih-en Ko, Dean of the Office of Physical Education, Shu-feng Hsiao, and Dean of Financial Affairs, Jui-chih Chen to cut the ceremonial ribbon together.

Shao-mo Memorial Activity center marks a new era of progress. The center has two floors that will be able to support a vast amount of events. Students and faculty will also be able to enjoy the relaxing view of the waterfall while partaking of the activities. The facility will be utilized for many events including basketball, volleyball, badminton, and tennis. Also in July the rock climbing wall will be completed and ready for use. There are also rooms that can be utilized for special training, ping pong and medical equipment. The center can hold up to 1000 individuals and there are LED televisions hanging along the walls. The center will be able to support various events and activities and in the near future it will be available 24 hours a day.