NO. 940

International Conference of Joint Curriculum Study

【Reported by Qi Zhuo, Tamkang Times】The day before yesterday the Graduate Institute of Curriculum and Instruction invited Professor of Yamagata University in Japan, Kochi Morita, and 9 other representatives to observe the “Taipei City and New Taipei City Elementary School Joint Curriculum Construction.” The event was an opportunity for teachers to come together from different arenas and learn through sharing curriculum ideas and personal experience.

In attendance was director of curriculum, Li-hua Chen, Dean of the College of Education, and principals of New Taipei City, San Zhi, Xi Zhi, and Ping Ding elementary schools, adding up to over 20 individuals. The theme of Kochi Morita’s lecture was focused on Yamagata University’s strategy of internet promotion of joint study curriculum courses. It discussed in great detail the methods used to implement the concept of joint course studies for elementary schools while sharing invaluable experience. He stated, “When the students have an opportunity to share what they are learning with students in other courses, it expands their critical thinking abilities.”

Li-hua Chen stated, “We can all make great gains from this curriculum discussion. This method of joint curriculum would certainly assist elementary school students in their learning. It would also give teachers a wider variety of teaching ideas.”