NO. 941

President Chang Visits Sister Universities in Korea

【Tamkang Times 】From the 22nd to the 25th of September, President Flora Chia-I Chang lead a trip to Korea with Vice President of International Affairs, Wan-chin Tai, Dean of the College of Global Development, Ay-hwa Andy Liou, Dean of Student Affairs, Chih-en Ko, and Director of the Office of International Exchange, En-ju Lin to visit four sister universities: Sungshin Women’s University, Ewha Women’s University, National Central University, and Dankook University.

The President’s first stop was at Sungshin Women’s University(SWU), an institute that officially began an academic exchange with Tamkang University in 1983. Last July 24th TKU and SWU established a new exchange program scheduled to take place next year. SWU was founded in 1936, giving it a history of 28 years as a comprehensive university. It currently has 10 colleges, 5 graduate institutes and over 12,000 students.

The second visit was with National Central University, founded in 1918. It has two campuses containing 19 colleges and 14 graduate institutes. The students also benefit from a very successful theater and film program. They are responsible for the popular film that received international acclaim, “Yuri.”

The final visit was with Dankook University (DU), the first private university established after the Japanese occupation. It was founded in 1947 and officially began an exchange with TKU in 1975. DU institute has 20 colleges and 28,654 students. President Chang stated, “Korea has made great bounds in recent years regarding higher learning. There is a lot that is worth learning through our cooperation and this trip has certainly strengthened our bond.”