NO. 983

TKU Improves Relations with Both China and Japan

【Yi-feng Lu, An-jia Chen, Tamsui Campus Report】On Nov. 17 Shanghai City Standing Committee Member, Hai-lin Sha and Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, Wen-hui Li, brought a team of 9 representatives to Tamkang University’s Chueh-sheng International Conference Hall for an exchange. In attendance was Dean of the College of International Studies, Kao-cheng Wang, Director of the Graduate Institute of China Studies, Wu-ueh Chang, Director of the Institute of Asian Studies, Hsi-hsun Tsai and Director of the Graduate Institute of the Americas, Kwo-wei Kung.

In addition to discussing the Cross Strait meeting between President Ying-jiu Ma and Jin-ping Xi, they also emphasized the development of the relations between Taiwan and China. In Kao-cheng Wang’s opening speech he explained the deep roots that Tamkang University has established in terms of Taiwanese/Chinese relations and that ties with Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) are growing increasingly stronger. He expressed, “It’s my hope that this discussion can further strengthen ties.” Hai-lin Sha expressed, “This trip allows us the opportunity for development in a more diversified way.”

Dean of the College of Literary Arts, Sinn-cheng Lin, Director of the Department of History, Chen-jung Lin and Director of Department of Information and Library Science, Mei-yu Wang, travelled to Japan’s Yamaguchi University for an academic exchange from Nov. 13 to 16. They held an open forum, issuing 5 academic periodicals. Sinn-cheng Lin expressed, “Seeing Japan create such an effective method of study that combines modern times with ancient concepts gives unique cultural insight and it allows ample opportunity for innovative development.”