NO. 983

Ukulele Club Invites Malaysian Champion

【Kai-jun Lin, Tamsui Campus Report 】On Nov. 5 the Ukulele Club invited member of the Malaysian International Guitar Club and ukulele Champion, Alvis Chiu, for a discussion on the topic of ukulele. Alvis Chiu shared that his first time hearing the ukulele was at the Let’s Dance Festival in 2012 and since then he has been fascinated with the Hawaiian instrument. He said it became his goal to hear every song made for the ukulele. During the lecture he also skillfully strummed the instrument, easing the nerves of the audience with a beautiful tune. Head of the Ukulele Club and third-year student of the Department of Accounting, Rui-en Zhao, expressed, “The ukulele is a cute and small instrument, making it very convenient to take with you. It also has such a joyful sound and is suitable for any age of learner.”