NO. 990

Competition for Business Proposals at TKU

【Shi-qing Huang, Tamsui Campus Report】The Department of Mass Communication in cooperation with ECPAT Taiwan held a social marketing and implementation, spec work competition that emphasized the use of professional skills and services. The event was titled, “2016 Wings” and Professor of the Department of Mass Communication, Yu-pei ma, invited General Secretary of ECPAT Taiwan, Lily Lee, Yahoo’s Deputy Director of Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Kris Ou and General Supervisor of Cultural Industry Collection Co., Irene Chao, to act as judges in the competition of 7 groups made up of 34 students.

The judges awarded the group that created the business plan called, “Take Flight,” with first place. The Take Flight business plan won over the judges as it brought attention to issues related to sexual harassment through promotion of legal articles such as “Young Women’s Independence”, “Sexual Harassment Prevention” and “Children and Young People’s Protection Plan.” Two other groups that were awarded for their efforts include designers of “Gifted” and “Synergy” proposals. Gifted was based on ideas for young women and Synergy was related to fashionable art exhibitions. Irene Chao stated, “All of the groups had a very clear and powerful vision for this competition.”