NO. 996

11th Annual Chung-ling Chemistry Competition

【Zhi-yue Jiang, Tamsui Campus Report】On Mar. 12 the Department of Chemistry, TKU Department of Chemistry Development Foundation, TKU Chemistry Alumni, Chinese Chemistry Association, Bulletin of Educational Media Science, Chemistry On the Go, held the 11th Annual Chung-ling Chemistry Competition. There was a total involvement of 38 high schools, 154 teams made up of 462 students. In the end, the Implementation Award was given to Ting-jun Wang, Shao-yi Hu and Chong-hao Zhao of Hsin Chu Science Park National Experimental High School. The school won a total of 7 personal gold medals in the written examination.

Director of the Department of Chemistry, Tzenge-lien Shih, expressed, “This competition provided students with a platform to work together, raising their ability for logical reasoning and of scientific knowledge. The competition was quite challenging as it was divided to to two parts: written examination and practical science application. The written portion of the examination consisted of basic chemistry knowledge, ideas, data and calculations. For the experimental portion of the contest, students were provided scientific instruments and reagents to produce functional results.”