NO. 997

Mu-yong Tao Wins Big for TKU, Taiwan and Burkina Faso

【Yu-xun Zhou, Tamsui Campus Report】First year student of the Department of Diplomacy and International Relations, Mu-yong Tao, travelled to Rome, Italy last week to participate in Harvard University’s “World Model United Nations” competition and won the Social Innovation Challenge Division, receiving 3000 US dollars. The competition consisted of 2,500 students from over 60 different countries discussing global issues. Not only did he bring great honor and attention to Tamkang University in this contest, he shined a spotlight on Taiwan.

The event also included other Taiwanese universities: National Taiwan University, Tsing Hua University and Cheng Kung University. The competition was divided into 6 different divisions. The first three divisions required the international contestants to provide planning and schematics, answering inquiries and comments from the internet while continually making modifications. After conquering the first challenge (Mar. 14-18), the contestants then flew to Rome, Italy for the last three parts of the competition.

Mu-yong Tao selected sustained energy development and reusable resources for his project. He mentioned that while studying in Taiwan, he learned a lot about reusable resources that could prove very beneficial in his country, Burkina Faso. He hopes to later be able to create a bridge between Taiwan and his country to transfer much of the needed knowledge and resources in terms of sustainable energy to improve the quality of life for his homeland. Director of the Department of Diplomacy and International Relations, Chin-mo Cheng expressed, “Mu-yong Tao is an excellent student who is always asking questions and finding innovate methods to approach issues.” As Mu-yong Tao won the competition, he was asked if he was a member of NTU. “No I’m from Tamkang University.” He said proudly.”