NO. 998

TKU’s 2016 Spring Banquet Fun

【Kai-jun Lin, Wan-xun Qin, Jia-ling Liu, Lanyang Campus Report】Since 2005, Tamkang University has held the annual Spring Banquet activity, inviting alumni to enjoy a festival of fun different activities. This year the event took place on Mar. 26 in the Tamsui Campus Gymnasium, Student Activity Center and Lanyang Campus’ Shao-mo Memorial Activity Center. The festival consisted of 700 alumni holding hands and joining hearts. In attendance was President Flora Chia-I Chang, the three university vice presidents, Former President Yun-shan Lin, Former Vice President, Kan-nan Chen as well as first and second level administrators.

The Team Games Competition took place on the 7th floor of the gymnasium and consisted of 18 teams of 129 alumni, dressed in exciting costumes as they competed in darts, mahjong, dice and black jack. The enthusiasm was uncomparable as many of the teams donned colorful garments to express their creativity. A total of 9 certificates of appreciation were handed out for alumni that had contributed 300,000-500,000 NT including Shen-ying Lin, Zhe-ming Li, Yuan-xun Chen, Shu-fan Xiao, Da-dao Chen, Wei-zhen Yang, Zhi-xin Lin, Wen-jing Zhang and Xing Wang.

Also certificates were awarded to 24 individuals categories of Academic Excellence, Model Career Undertaking, Social Services, Management, Humanities, Public Employment and Well Balanced Achievements. In addition 49 individuals were recognized for excellence within each department. Consistent generous university donators: President of the Tamkang University Alumni Association, Ding-chuan Chen and President of the Department of Alumni of Tamkang University, Lawrence Lin, expressed gratitude and appreciation for the support of the TKU community, with hopes of even more prominent success in the future. (For more details see link