NO. 998

TKU’s 10th Generation Robotic Display

【Jia-wei Min, Tamsui Campus Report】 Tamkang University’s Automation and Robotics Center accepted an invitation from the New Taipei City Labor Bureau to participate in the “Robotic Experience” exhibition to display TKU’s 10th generation small human-type robots. The robots performed tasks of walking, lifting and dexterous movements that kept the audience glued to their seats. The members of the audience not only included curious spectators, but also many business officials and persons of the field of education, seeking to form a new alliance in the industry of automation.

Event Organizer and member of the TKU robotic team, Yan-jie Huang, expressed, “Since 2004 - the time researching human-type robots began - we’ve continually made developments and modifications. Now we’ve already arrived at our 10th generation model and it’s able to shoot baskets, lift weights and other cool features. Every new model exceeds the previous one.”

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