NO. 998

Honored Guests from Abroad

【Hong-wei Lu, Tamsui Campus Report】Professors of the Department of Applied Material Science of the Republic of Polytechnic in Singapore, Chua Hui Keat and Che Ser Tong, brought a group of 24 students to visit with Tamkang University’s Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering on Mar. 28. They were greeted by Director of the department, Trong-ming Don and Assistant Professor Chao-tsai Huang.

Trong-ming Don began by giving the honored guests a friendly introduction of TKU including the departments, student clubs, and research information. Afterwards, Chao-tsai Huang gave a description of the Biology Curriculum before giving the guests a tour of the campus and experimentation rooms. Chua Hui Keat expressed, “This trip has given me a better understanding of Taiwan’s applied sciences and developing trends as well as the relationship between universities and government organizations.”

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