NO. 999

President Chang Prepares Students for National Sports Competition

【Wan-xun Qin, Tamsui Campus Report】The flag ceremony for the National Junior College Sports Meet took place at noon in the Shao-mo Memorial Gymnasium. President Flora Chia-I Chang and Director of the Office of Physical Education, Shu-feng Hsiao, expressed best wishes to the team representatives as the great flag dance took place, invigorating the audience to shout, “Go! Go! Go!”

President Chang expressed, “Tamkang University has always performed brilliantly in this competition. Last year among 167 universities, TKU was awarded 9th place in the nation. This time TKU has 145 competitors of 10 teams, which will certainly have a quality result.” She also expressed that any team that received a gold medal in the competing games would be awarded 10,000 NT. The teams responded with excitement and confidence, filling up the auditorium with joyful cheers. Afterwards a multitude of pictures were taken with the university president.

Shu-feng Hsiao expressed, “I’m grateful to the president for always supporting us and holding us in high regards. She’s continued to support us in every event and has even provided us with better equipment and facilities. So we will do our very best to stand out amongst the competition.” The event is set to take place at the end of April and activities include badminton, tennis, ping pong, karate, judo, taekwondo, fencing, swimming, archery and track and field.