NO. 1001

TKU’s Great Artistic Book Display

【Chang-yu Chen, Tamsui Campus Report】The Chueh-sheng Memorial Library in cooperation with the College of Foreign Languages and LIterature configured the second floor into a book display themed “When Shakespeare Met Cervantes” for World Book and Copyright Day (Apr. 23). Not only does the display showcase literature of the two artists, it also consists of studies related to places that the artists had traveled to including Italy, Denmark, Rome, Balkans and other related themes of literature, culture, travel and history. Dean of the College of Foreign Languages and Literature, Hsiao-chuan Chen, expressed, “It’s already been 400 years since these artistic geniuses have passed. The Department of English and the Department of Spanish collaborated to let young learners see these important historical works with fresh eyes to broaden their horizons.”

The official opening of the display took place on Apr. 25 at noon in the Chueh-sheng Memorial Library. English treats and tea were served along with Spanish cookies, juice-wine and other delicacies. Hsiao-chuan Chen expressed, “The works of these two artists has forever impacted the shape of the world.” Professors of the Department of Spanish and English held discussions related to translations, food, film and literature as participants went deep into their exploration of the art world. One participant, student of the Department of Japanese, Qiao-yu Lai, expressed, “It’s great that TKU would hold this exhibit. It really helps inspire creativity.”