NO. 1001

2016 European Union Forum

【Tamkang Times】On Apr. 22 the Center for European Union Studies held the “2016 TKU European Union Forum- European Union Trade Policy Trends” on Taipei Campus. The forum consisted of nearly 100 members discussing the future policies of trade in the European Union, continuing costs and immovable properties. The forum was hosted by Director of the Center of European Union Studies, Li-chuan Chen. Director of the College of International Studies, Kao-cheng Wang as well as Director of the European Economic and Trade Office, Madeleine Majorenko, also attended to show their support while sharing information of future trends.

During the forum Deputy Secretary of National Security Council, Da-nien Liu, Deputy Director of the Green Trade Project Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan, Lih-chyi Wen and General Supervisor of KPMG, Niven Huang, made analysis of European Trade, gave related lectures and drew comparisons of the trade situation as it relates to the rest of the world.