NO. 1002

Tamkang University International Forum

【Wan-xuan Qin, Tamsui Campus Report】The College of International Studies held the “Tamkang University International Forum” on May 5 and discussed the impact of Trump in the current presidential elections. The event was hosted by Dean of the college, Kao-cheng Wang, Professor of the Department of Diplomacy and International Relations, I-hsin Chen and Assistant Professor of the Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies, Alexander C. Huang.

Kao-cheng Wang expressed, “Three impactful issues have been brought into the forum for professional analysis to allow students to have a better grasp on international relations.” I-hsin Chen predicted, “It’s most likely that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be in the final leg of the election. It also seems that Hillary’s chances of winning are greater. Trump has made a lot of ground because he is anti-establishment and anti-Wall Street. But his directness has really created a lot of enemies and has completely divided the Republican Party. In the end he will lose at least half the votes of his own party while Hillary will more than likely pick up many of the votes of the opposing party.”

Alexander C. Huang explained that the international situation is moving quickly and very unpredictably. He expressed that all of the tension and support for Bernie Sanders has made the outcome of the election very hard to determine.