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U9 League Eliminates Academic Boundaries

【Yin-xun Liao, Tamsui Campus】Faced with issues of a baby-bust and aging-generation, in addition to the increase of international academic competition, private universities in Taiwan must ally together to pool resources and meet with the increasing challenges of Taiwan’s modern society. This unification will also increase student study options, versatility and adaptability. Tamkang University, Chinese Culture University, Shih Hsin University, Soochow University, Ming Chuan University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei Medical University Hospital and Shih Chien University formally signed the U9 League agreement on May 24, initiating a cross-campus, cross departmental cooperation.

President Flora Chia-I Chang expressed, “All participating universities are over 50 years old with a variety of fields of study including science, business, farming, medical, media, foreign language, social studies, education, environmental studies, art and design. Each school has its speciality that will allow us to develop a more abundant form of education through cooperation, exchanges and interactions. This rich educational platform ensures that future alumni of universities of the U9 League will become powerful personnel of the career world.”

In the future, students of the U9 League will not have restrictions related to their field of study or campus. For example a student studying law at Soochow University can also major in food management at Shih Chien University. The nine institutions will also promote international study allowing students to take part in international courses. The objective is diverse education in all aspects, breaking boundaries for a new future of learning. For more information see link (


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