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Good Study and Share Week

【Yu-min yang, Pin-jie Chen, Tamsui Campus Report】The Center for Learning and Teaching held the “Good Study and Share Week” from May 23 to 27 at the Black Swan Exhibition Hall. The event was designed to allow teachers and students to experience a study center with the reversal of the positions of learning and teaching while displaying achievements of this new-age academic study method. Students and teachers were able to observe the success of the program in three themes: My Teacher is Different, My Learning is Different and My Teaching is Different.

Executive Director of the Center for Learning and Teaching, Hui-ling Pan, expressed, “Under the revolutionary wave of education for the 21st century, methods of learning are changing all over the world. Evidence of effective learning has the roles of studying and teaching slowly reversing. In order to stay on page with the international world, the Center for Learning and Teaching is adopting this concept to restructure the culture of academics in Taiwan. Flipped classrooms, long-distance learning and student independent learning are all parts of this week’s display, giving observers a chance to peer into the future of academics.”

The forum consisted of various parts of new academic learning: voice, my teacher is different, self study, my learning is different, make an appointment with new self, the experience corner, software self-study and the reflection corner. Each area shared unique aspects of the exciting new learning styles, which allowed students and teachers to learn through practical interaction. In short, the teachers would challenge the students with ideas and concepts then have students explain the lesson after given time for research. (link:


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