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18 Winners of the 32nd Five-Tiger Hill Literature Award

【Pin-jie Chen, Yun-qian Qiu, Tamsui Campus Report】The Department of Chinese held the 32nd Five-Tiger Hill Literature Award ceremony on May 27 consisting of recently written novels, essays, short stories and poetry. After reviewing 216 literary pieces, 18 were recognized for awards. Director of the Department of Chinese, Shan-pei Yin, expressed, “The Five-Tiger Hills have a long history of distributing awards because we want to encourage students to participate in literature-related activities to improve their study and even career abilities.”

Assistant Professor of the Department of Chinese, Tai-min Lin, expressed, “I want to give a special thanks to the Department of Chinese Association for promoting this project and increasing the number of literary pieces. I look forward to seeing the unique attributes of all the students.” Winner of the Poetry award, fourth year student of the Department of English, Ying-en Guan, expressed, “This is the first time I’ve won an award and it’s like a dream. It gives me a lot more confidence in the direction of poetry.”

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