NO. 1006

MOE Provides Progress for 39 Programs

【Yin-xuan Liao, Tamsui Campus Report】Tamkang University’s Office of Research and Development announced the list for subsidies provided by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The list included a total of 39 approved projects: 17 in the College of Engineering, 9 in the College of Business and Management, 6 in the College of Liberal Arts, 5 in the College of Science and 1 for both the College of Global Development and the College of Foreign Languages and Literature.

Director of the Office of Research and Development, Bo-chang Wang, expressed, “I hope that all teachers and students could participate in these projects and take advantage of the opportunity.” One of the research projects was brought forth by second year student of the Department of International Business, Li-quan Zhang, who is studying the effects of employee behavior after they’ve been overworked. He thanked his professor for support and guidance as he promised to eagerly seek out helpful information. For more information on getting qualified for a grant by the Ministry of Science and Technology, please apply at the Office of Research and Development website.