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Spread Your Wings and Read

【Pin-jie Chen, Tamsui Campus Report】Construction of the “Spread your Wings” study area on the 3rd floor of the library has been completed. On Jun. 2 Library Director, Sheue-fang Song, gave a tour of the new section to President Flora Chia-I Chang, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Huan-chao Keh, Vice President of Administration, Yi-jen Hu and other related faculty members. President Chang expressed, “This new design is the embodiment of modern studies. I’m grateful to everyone involved for their terrific effort!” This design was put together with emphasis on 4 themes: information exploration, innovation of knowledge, cooperation and cross-departmental studies. All of which, were constructed to create a space for efficient, modern learning methods. Sheue-fang Song expressed, “The purpose of this design was to allow the beautiful scenery outside to stimulate innovative academic learning. I hope that learners can work together to explore new and exciting knowledge.”


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