NO. 1008

80 faculty and students simulate the South China Sea Arbitration

【Tamkang Times】TKU graduate institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies, National Defense University, and Chinese War Games Association participated in the 5th Syncretized Military and Civil Arts war Games Simulation held at Chin-sheng International Conference Hall. Along with students from Nanhua University, there were over 80 teachers and students attended in the activity, aiming at the South China Sea Arbitration.

In the activity, participants were assigned to different groups and played the roles of different countries, using war gaming in a military simulation. Da-Zhong Li, director of TKU International Affairs and Strategic Studies, pointed out that the activity features its connecting members of both military and civil arts backgrounds to work together on the hot topic of South China Sea Arbitration in the intercollegiate activity. It is hoped that participants will learn to understand the status quo of the international relations and come up with positions and strategies most beneficial to the country. Li expressed his expectations to see the activity be held regularly in the future to have more valuable outcomes coming out of the encounter of military and civil arts